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Hello world!

Posted by jrswift on February 9, 2007

So this is going to be my blog of sorts.  Some of you may have read my inane ramblings on the ‘net before but this page will be a bit more “serious.”  From time to time, we will comment on sports, travel, entertainment and politics.   (And perhaps other things.)  Expect the next few posts to cover a couple of topics of great interest to me:  the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament and Las Vegas.

As to the first topic, I’ll be doing a bit of analysis of who is likely to be in and out of the upcoming “Big Dance” and will post my predictions for the “field of 65” over the next two weeks.  I have always been far more interested in predicting the field than trying to predict the outcome of the tournament itself so don’t expect any lengthy analysis of matchups and teams.

Interspersed with that topic, I hope to put together a fairly systematic “travel guide” of sorts, based on my many years of visiting Las Vegas.  I find most of the traditional books on this topic a bit lacking in the kind of useful advice and insight of a reporter on the ground and so I hope to share my knowledge with others.  As I am flying out to Vegas six weeks from today, I will also chronicle some of my preparations as that blessed day approaches.

If you are reading this, you are likely one of the first to do so.  I welcome your comments and questions and hope that you’ll come back and check this page out from time to time.  Thanks.



One Response to “Hello world!”

  1. shane said

    you got me, babe

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