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Posted by jrswift on February 27, 2007

Down to 41 days until Las Vegas and my 14th visit to “Sin City.”  This is about the time I start to get fairly excited about things.  Still haven’t booked the hotel room(s) for the trip but my experience has taught me that waiting is rarely a problem and sometimes will get me a better deal.  Of course, I could be wrong.

For the NVV (non-Vegas visitor) the idea of going to the same vacation destination 12 years in a row seems a bit crazy so I suppose I should explain my (healthy?) obsession with Las Vegas.  One might reasonably assume that it is because, of all the places I’ve visited, it is my all-time favorite.  That would be wrong.  I think I probably like San Francisco, Seattle and Chicago better and do hope to visit those places again.

No…the reason is simply that I have never been able to find a better vacation value.   As a common working man, I am far from rich and I can’t afford to spend 4-5 days in any major city unless I live in a hostel and eat fast food.    While Las Vegas has become  (sadly)  a more expensive place in recent years, I can still  find a place to stay for  $50-$60 a night that doesn’t turn my stomach and can gorge myself on enormous buffets for $10-$15 and eat very well.  And, unlike a lot of places I could go,  most of the attractions are pretty close together and I can get around quite nicely without a car.  Vegas can be very expensive if you gamble too much or go to a lot of shows or stay in the nicest hotel but I usually have little problem controlling my gambling itch and most of the shows don’t interest me much anyway.

The other thing about visiting Las Vegas is that it is really never the same place twice.  There is almost always a new hotel-casino or attraction every time I go and I can assure you that the city I will visit this April bears only a faint resemblance to one I first saw back in April of 1996.  Of course,  if  I  do become bored with  things, I can always go visit New York, Paris, Egypt or ancient Rome and that is only a short list.

I suppose you could say that all of the above is just a rationalization and that I’m just lazy and not creative enough to think of anything else to do.  There might be some truth to that but there is also some comfort in it.  At this point, returning to Las Vegas is a bit like “going home” and everything just seems so familiar and relaxing.   And after all, it is a vacation and that is kind of like the idea, isn’t it?  Besides,  I’ve got all my friends addicted too so now I’m stuck with it. 🙂

If this has whet your appetite, be sure to tune in next time when we talk about the first step to visiting Las Vegas:  getting there.  Sure to be packed with insights galore and an occasional attempt at humor.


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