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Getting there

Posted by jrswift on February 28, 2007

Now that you’ve decided to visit Las Vegas, you’ll have to get there. As we still lack the technology of instaneous teleportation and Vegas lacks any navigable waterways, your choices are limited to air or ground.

For most of you, Las Vegas is quite a long distance drive. While Los Angelinos may regularly make the 4-5 hour drive for a quick weekend visit, (Check out the traffic jam Eastbound on I-15 on a Friday night or Westbound on Sunday night if you have any doubts about that) the rest of us will have to invest in a pretty serious road trip if we want to take our car to Sin City. On the other hand, it is quite a scenic drive through some amazing landscapes you won’t find anywhere else in this country. If you hadn’t noticed, the city is surrounded on all sides by desert. Weather tends to be extreme and severe so make sure your car is up for the trip. Assume the worst and prepare for it. Most days will be sunny and clear and probably the greatest risk is simply the heat, particularly in the midst of summer where days exceeding 100 degree temperatures are as common as not.  I won’t discuss the details of automobile safety but be cautious.  Neither people nor cars were intended to thrive under those conditions.

If the distances and conditions haven’t discouraged you, having your own car in Las Vegas can be a great advantage.  You can come and go as you please without paying for cabs or waiting for busses.  You can stay in areas off the main tourist drag and avoid some of the madness and expense involved in the trip.  Not only that but the area surrounding the city is home to a number of interesting natural attractions and you’ll have easy access should you choose to venture away from the man-made madness.  We’ll talk more about having a car in Las Vegas later on in these posts.

Of course, you could also take the bus.  All of the same warnings apply and, while long-distance bus travel may well be quite a bit cheaper than flying, it is not recommended for the faint of heart.  Suffice to say that if you would think twice about driving to Vegas, you probably don’t want to even think once about going Greyhound.

In our next “episode” we’ll discuss the way most visitors make their way to Las Vegas: flying.  Until then, be well.

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