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Weekend Update

Posted by jrswift on March 18, 2007

Well…not a horrible weekend for my bracket which has recovered reasonably well.  Still have my Final Four of Kansas, Florida, Georgetown and Memphis alive and pretty well.  Lost one more team from my Elite 8 with Texas taking it on the chin against USC.  Got to give it up to the Trojans.  They totally outplayed the Longhorns and that isn’t easy to do.  Only 10 of my Sweet 16 made it with the surprises being Oregon, UNLV, Vanderbilt, Butler, Texas A&M and USC.  One perfect bracket and that was the West where I took the “chalk” and looked good doing it.

For the record, I’ll update with predictions for next week:

USC over UNC (my upset special…USC does what I thought Texas would)

Georgetown over Vanderbilt

Memphis over Texas A&M

Tennessee over Ohio St. (Ohio St. is going down)

Florida over Butler

UNLV over Oregon (Runnin’ Rebels playing very well)

Kansas over SIU

UCLA over Pitt

Obviously I’ll take Georgetown, Memphis, Florida and Kansas to get to the Final Four.

Interesting to look at how the so-called Elite conferences have done so far:

SEC 7-2 — 3 teams remaining

PAC 10 7-3 — 3 teams remaining

Big 12 5-2 — 2 teams remaining

Big East 6-5 — 2 teams remaining

Big 10 7-5 — 1 team remaining

ACC 6-6 — 1 team remaining

Not a very impressive showing from those last three leagues with the ACC getting only one team in the Sweet 16 with 7 teams getting in or the Big 10 with 1 out of 6.  Big East lost 5 of their 7 teams though they do still have Pitt and Georgetown left.  SEC did well with their three best teams making it through and only the two marginal tourney teams Arkansas and Kentucky going out.  Big 12 did OK though Texas losing today takes them from the best performance to third and they only have two teams left.  The beneficiary of that Texas loss was the PAC 10 which gets three teams through despite losing Washington St.

Now we’ll take a few breaths and wait and see what happens next weekend.


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