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Random thoughts…again

Posted by jrswift on February 25, 2008

OK, so it has been a while since I’ve posted anything on “my main blog” so I thought I would do so. I have to say that I am tremendously gratified by the response to my Linux-related postings about a month back. Particularly appreciate the people at Debian news net site who posted my Debian multimedia howto on their site. Really pretty cool to get literally hundreds of views and I can only hope that some of you were helped by what I wrote. Still getting hits on this posting and I hope to revise it (and hopefully make it better) in the future. My future plans with this blog include some postings on the annual Spring Vegas trip as well as some thoughts on the NCAA basketball tournament and hopefully some further reviews related to Linux.

I have been pretty lazy the last few weeks and haven’t done much in the way of trying out any new Linux distros so I don’t have a lot to share on that front. I will mention a few things related to Linux and compatibility that are somewhat worthwhile. I purchased a couple of add-ons to my system in the last few months and I want to say nice things about them as I am very happy with both. Bought a 320 GB MyBook external drive a while back and have been very happy with it. The size of it certainly dwarfs my tiny 40 GB internal drive and has given me some interesting options for future projects. I’ve converted my main drive to one distro (Debian Etch) and am running a couple of distributions (as well as Windows 2000) in Virtual Box on that drive and it is working great. No issues whatsoever with the MyBook. I immediately wiped the drive and now have OpenSuse, Linux Mint and Debian Testing (Lenny) running on that drive as well as most of my files (music, etc.) and am actually composing this posting on Lenny at it runs fine. Still have a lot of room on the drive and, if I ever feel ambitious again, I will likely install a few more distributions on it to try them out.

The other purchase I made was a Logitech headset which cost me a grand total of $20 and it works just fine under Linux. I downloaded Skype and have tested it out and the sound is fine. The headphones are nice too and really improve the music listening experience compared to my cheap, crappy speakers. Did a little test recording using Audacity and it came out very well so I’m considering the possibility of doing a podcast of some sort. We shall see. Anyway, that is it for today. Maybe just starting to write a bit today will inspire me to do more later in the week. Again, we shall see. Have a great day.



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