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Obligatory NCAA Bracket

Posted by jrswift on March 19, 2008

OK, this isn’t really a bracket.  I’m just going to list the teams that win each round all the way to the Finals.  Like most of you, I really have no idea who is going to win so I’ll just be a homer and pick Kansas to win it all.

East Regional

North Carolina, Tennessee, Louisville, Washington St., Notre Dame, St. Joseph’s, Butler and Arkansas (1st Round)

North Carolina, Butler, Louisville,  Washington St. (2nd Round)

Louisville over North Carolina in the Regional Finals

South Regional

Memphis, Texas, Stanford, Pitt, Michigan St., Marquette, St. Mary’s, Oregon (1st Round)

Memphis, Texas, Stanford, Pitt (2nd Round)

Texas over Memphis in the Regional Final

Midwest Regional

Kansas, Georgetown, Wisconsin, Siena, Clemson, USC, Davidson, UNLV (1st Round)

Kansas, Georgetown, USC, Clemson (2nd Round)

Kansas over Georgetown in the Regional Final

West Regional

UCLA, Duke, Xavier, UConn, Drake, Baylor, West Virginia, Texas A&M (1st Round)

UCLA, West Virginia, Baylor, Drake

UCLA over West Virginia in the Regional Final

Final Four

Kansas over Louisville

UCLA over Texas

Kansas over UCLA in the Final Game

OK, so there you go.  I’m on the record.  I gave this so damned much thought…OK, I didn’t.  I’m sure I’ll get about 20-24 right and lose like 3-4 teams from the next round and maybe 1-2 Elite Eight teams by Friday night so let’s just see what happens.


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