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Back to School

Posted by jrswift on August 16, 2008

No, I’m not going back to school.  Those days are long gone.  But it is that time and it is mixed blessing.  Working in the retail world, back to school means a lot of extra work and customers.  It is like a Christmas rush since most of the college students come back over a few days and half of them seem to stop in.  Thanks to their reappearance I get to work tomorrow (Sunday) instead of enjoying the rest of my weekend.  Worse yet, the “occasional shopper” tends to be richer, more impatient and just generally high maintenance.  They are often clueless about where anything is located and they often travel in packs, whether they need to or not, creating needless crowding.  Some are nice and understand that it is a busy time and there is simply not time to babysit them.  Others seem to think they are the only people on earth and insist on occupying your time and asking endless questions.  Now I don’t mind helping people.  That is a big part of my job.  But if you expect expert assistance, you might want to come in when it is  not wall-to-wall humanity.  I guess I could rant about our culture of entitlement and how the young are the worst at expecting everything for nothing and I guess I just did.  If you really require “hand-holding” to do your shopping, you should expect to pay for it, not go to a big box store where everything is cheap and there simply isn’t the staffing to do that.  But that isn’t how people think.  They want it all and they want it now.  Oh well.

On a positive note, back to school means all the little “rug rats” have to spend their days in cramped little classrooms instead of running around making a mess.  Ahhh, how I long for year-round boarding school!  And, of course, some of those college students are not bad to look at though, at my age, I’m starting to find the mothers more interesting than the daughters.  If only they could learn how to drive (or better yet not drive) in this town, they would be a lot more appealing.

Oh well, I’ll survive.  I’ve done this for 20 years and starting my 21st year tomorrow means a raise and extra pay for doing my thing on Sunday.  Wish me luck…or, better yet, patience.


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