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Frankly, this is pretty boring…so far

Posted by jrswift on November 4, 2008

ABC has called Pennsylvania for Obama which, if it turns out to be true, is very bad news for McCain. Pennsylvania and NH were the best chances for McCain to win a state that went for Kerry last time around. It appears he will win neither one of them. That path to 270 votes now has almost no margin of error for McCain and he must essentially hold every state from 4 years ago and a lot of those states are still very much in doubt. I’m not seeing any other organizations ready to give Pennsylvania to Obama yet so I’ll hold off on making any snap judgements. If you remember, I encouraged you all to look for a strong McCain trend early based on a high number of Obama voters coming out early. That hasn’t happened. As for the 3rd party candidates, Barr leads Nader for know and both totals seem pretty low. Will be interesting to see how that turns out when all the votes are counted. Not much else going on at this hour so will update in 30 minutes or so.


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