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The Fat Lady Sings

Posted by jrswift on November 4, 2008

It was essentially over when Ohio went to Obama and Virginia locked it up.  It would’ve taken a miracle after that and no miracle was forthcoming.  As expected, California was an easy win and that put our President-elect over the top.  I think there is a chance that Obama wins all of the outstanding states except Alaska,  though Missouri may be tough.  As to the Third Party campaigns, Bob Barr is likely to break half a million votes but will likely still finish behind Ralph Nader.  Both of them, as well as every other alternative candidate, did worse than they might have hoped.  In the end, the media frenzy over this campaign and the endless ad barrage from the two leading candidates probably doomed them to the extreme margin of the electorate.  Perhaps I’ll do a wrap up later or maybe tomorrow.


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