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Very Early Returns

Posted by jrswift on November 4, 2008

Not much of a surprise at the early results.  McCain doing well in Kentucky and things very close in Indiana.  Nothing here to change my impressions of what will go on tonight.  No calls yet in Georgia, Virginia or Indiana and I don’t think that bodes well with the Republicans.   Been watching the raw numbers on Fox and CBS as both sites are including totals for Barr and Nader.  Not sure about the Fox site as the numbers occasionally jump up and down and that makes no sense.  CBS is showing that some guy named Thomas Stevens has 49,000 votes so they haven’t ironed out all the bugs either.  If I was paranoid (and I kind of am), I would almost swear that they just make these things up, maybe in the building where they staged that fake moon landing back in 1969.  Looks like McCain wins Kentucky and West Virginia and is doing well with the “Beverly Hillbillies” demographic which is what I would have expected.  I’m going to go ahead and post this one and check back in an half hour or so.


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