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Posted by jrswift on November 5, 2008

I really try to be a rational, objective person and not “fall for” politicians and speeches but, whether I like it or not, I still (kinda) do.  I have to say that I was quite impressed with both McCain and Obama’s speeches last night.  I can’t remember a better concession speech or a better “I won!” speech in my many (too many) years of watching this stuff.   Curious thoughts today.  Imagine the election was still in the balance and we still had two large states (NC and Missouri) that hadn’t been officially called 24 hours later.  You think Florida 2000 was fun…this could have been insane.  And there might be a recount in one of the Congressional Districts in Nebraska because Obama almost won!  I was a year old the last time a Democrat won an Electoral Vote in my home state so that must say something.

This election may have given us a new division in American politics and one that doesn’t bode well for Republicans.  Obama won (or came pretty close) in a lot of pretty Republican metro areas.  Looks like he won San Diego and Omaha and came awfully close in Salt Lake City.  On the other hand, if you venture into the rural counties of California or Nebraska or Utah, there are some 75% to 80% McCain numbers.

I wish the new President well.  He says he wants change.  I encourage him to be open-minded about what change really is.  For the last 75 years, change has usually meant more government and higher taxes and larger deficits.  The American people are indeed a remarkable group and it is good to see them excited and motivated about a new and different America but trying to channel FDR or JFK is not change.  It is not a exciting new premiere, but rather a revival.  I look forward with skepticism but also some optimism to our future and hope that this remarkable man who rose from the humblest beginnings to become President is also a man who can learn and grow and truly change America for the better.  If nothing else, today makes me feel good because of how upset all the racist, redneck types are about the fact that a black man is going to be President.  And I am thrilled that I will not receive any more paranoid emails warning me about what an evil demon he is.  It is indeed a new day and at least it is one which won’t require me to stay up until 2 AM. 🙂


One Response to “Aftermath”

  1. Beautiful.

    It is a new day rising, and it will include a new emphasis on the Arts:


    We did it.

    Yes we did.

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