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Vegas thoughts…not a trip report

Posted by jrswift on February 26, 2010

OK,  just a quick summation and a number of fairly random thought on my trip and Vegas in general.  Spent four nights (Saturday through Tuesday) in town, 2 at the Palms and 2 at the Gold Coast.  Flight was on SW.  Gambled quite a bit for me and probably played more slots on this trip than any other.  Probably ended up down $100-150 so not bad.  Weather was borderline cold and it rained on Sunday night.  Generally a light jacket was perfect most anytime so that was fine.  Just from my personal experience, I would say that it was pretty quiet.  Walking traffic most places seemed down about 20-25%.  Saturday night was busy but the rest of the time was not.  Obviously, the economy is really hurting Las Vegas.  So let’s start the random thoughts.

Several nice “scores” on this trip:

Definitely recommend the SW Early Bird checkin:  best $10 you’ll ever spend.  Was A-16 and A-32 and had a nice window seat near the front both ways.  I’ll do it again.

Had always wanted to stay at the Palms and found a great deal on Orbitz well below what they were asking on the Palms website.  Ended up using a promo code I found (Google is your friend) and got it knocked down another 10%.  With all taxes and fees, ended up paying less than $200 with one of those being a Saturday night.

Second score at the Palms was a complimentary upgrade to a Junior Suite.  Was trying to do the $20 trick though I was bumbling it badly when she told me there were no upgrades.  I put away my $20 and she then decided she could put me in the Jr. Suite with a great view of the Strip.  Room a bit dated but big and comfortable.  Was on the SE corner so had two windows.  Between them, you could see  the entire Strip.

Also did well at the Gold Coast as my room was comped.  They put me up high on one of their remodeled floors.  Room still a bit small but the decor was very modern.  On checkout, it turns out they waive the resort fee when you’re comped so my total cost was zero.  HDTV actually had some HD channels and had a pretty good view of the north end of the Strip and downtown.

I’m pretty sure I hit a jackpot of sorts on a penny machine.  I wasn’t playing max coin or I think it would have been like $1000.  As it was I won like 5600 pennies on one spin which is definitely the largest number of any sort of coin I’ve ever had.  Walked away up $60 which is awfully hard to do on one of those machines.

The Good:

Gold Coast buffet for breakfast is always a winner in my book and still no exception.

Palms on a Saturday night is simply off-the-hook.  People everywhere and some of the best looking women you will ever see.

Ghostbar was pretty cool.  Would have been cooler if it wasn’t so damned cold outside but an unbelievable view and the people there were very nice, even though I was no VIP, by any means.

Casino coffee:  Ordered a coffee each morning while playing the machines.  Both the Palms and GC make a darn good cup of coffee.  For a $1 tip, it beats the heck of paying the price at the foo-foo coffee bars.

City Center is visually stunning.  I’m not an architect but the design is extremely creative.

Wynn/Wynn Encore.  Very classy place in the good sort of way.  Everyone perfectly attired and professional.  I accidentally walked away from a machine without cashing out, remembered a couple minutes later and a security guard was standing there watching and waiting.  He didn’t say a word but I knew he had seen what happened and was protecting my measly $11.  Two thumbs up.  Oh, and the Wynn has simply the most stunning Cocktail Waitresses anywhere in the city.

Palazzo  is also stunning.   It is what the Venetian was 10 years ago.   I have never walked into a casino before and felt relaxed but something about the design of this place just works without being over the top.  Most every other casino in the city seems to be trying to overstimulate but this place seems to want to make you comfortable.

Tickets and ticket-redemption machines:  how did we ever play the old way?

24/7 Cafe at the Palms:  Not a big fan of the hotel coffee shops at full price but it was late and I was hungry.  Good service and a huge plate of good food I could barely finish.  Was worth it.

Two cocktail waitresses, one at the Palms and one at the Gold Coast:  After breakfast the first day at GC, I played one of my favorite slots and ordered a coffee with cream and no sugar.  I went back the next morning and one other day and, when the waitress walked by, she just said “coffee with cream?”  Color me impressed.  Still Crysta or maybe Crystal at the Palms is the winner for the week.   Saturday night at the Palms was packed with people partying and playing.  I was perched at a nickel video poker machine for several hours, mostly just grinding away, hardly the profile to get great service.  Lovely blonde waitress walks by fairly soon after I arrived and I ordered my standard Budweiser.  Came by fairly quickly the second time.  After I ordered a third time, she seemed to disappear and I was getting a bit annoyed.  When she finally made it back, she apologized but said the bar had run out of Budweiser and she had a hard time fighting through the crowds.  Was a Bud Light OK?  I said sure.  She came back with a Bud Light and a Budweiser and wouldn’t take more than a $1 as tip.  Then she came back with two more Budweisers and refused any tip at all.  Very nice.   Did I mention she was awfully pretty too?

And, of course the Fountains at the Bellagio.  Always.  3 PM show.  Bocelli and Brightman and always a few tears in my eyes when it ends.

The Bad:

What did I ever do to you Dean Martin?  Except love and respect you and your music!  Well, you and your damned Dean Martin’s Wild Party slot machine must have stolen over $100 from me with one measly bonus round!  I honestly think I might have come out ahead for the trip if I had been able to avoid this machine but it kept sucking me in.

Le Village Buffet @ Paris Las Vegas.  I’m sorry, not a win.  It was the one big superbuffet on the Strip I had never eaten and so I tried it out.   OK, the decor is pretty cool.  They either seat you “outside” or in these little rooms that are like a couple of tables in a house.  Well, executed.  Food not so much.  Maybe I just wasn’t feeling adventurous enough to try some of the peculiar items available but the things I did try just weren’t very good.  I kept thinking I could have eaten better food for half the price.

Casinos.  OK, not all of them but most of them.  They are looking so tired and uninteresting, even the ones I used to like.  Mandalay Bay, Venetian, Monte Carlo,  MGM Grand, Excalibur and I go could go on and on.  I guess I’m jaded but they are just so tired and worn down.  I’ve never particularly liked NY NY or Paris but at least they are still trying to execute a theme and do it reasonably well.  Planet Hollywood and Luxor seem to at least be trying to look somewhat modern and aren’t terrible.  And not just older casinos.  Aria is just as awful on the inside as it is stunning on the outside.  Why so freaking dark?

The Cab Driver who “tunneled” me from the airport to my hotel.  I’m sure he figured me for some midwestern rube who didn’t know what he was doing but I did.   Did I complain?  No, I probably should have but I really hate starting my vacation by arguing with people.  I have found being agreeable with people in the service industry makes my life (and theirs) much easier so the arguing would have spoiled my mood.  OK, the tunnel probably was slightly quicker and, on a Saturday, the surface traffic might have slowed us down enough to bump up the fare but he still basically ripped me off for $5.  Yes, I even tipped the bastard but not much.  Gee, I’m such a sucker sometimes.  (OTOH, all the rest of my cab drivers were very cool.)

Traffic.  I took the bus from the Palms a couple of times out to the Strip and even beyond.  I honestly think I could have walked to the Strip faster than this bus could drive it.  The Rio shuttle drivers took the most ridiculous roundabout trips just to avoid Flamingo and they had to.

Drink service.  Other than a couple of shining exceptions mentioned above, drink service was pretty bad.  I would see cocktail waitresses but they appeared not to see me.   I know you are busy but when you walk by two or three times and don’t even try, I find it annoying.  Your loss.  I always tip you, even if you aren’t pretty or particularly fast.

This one is on me because I am lazy but I didn’t make it to downtown, the Hard Rock, Caesars, the Orleans or any number of other interesting places and I just barely touched some of the Strip casinos.  I was just too comfortable in my own little corner of Vegas to venture out much but I should have forced myself to do so.  Oh well, that’s why I have to go back again this summer.   🙂

The Ugly:

The Luxor.  No, it isn’t ugly.  The Pyramid is visually stunning and I actually like what they’ve done in remodeling but give it up with all the one word names for everything.   The buffet is More, the steakhouse is Tender, the bar is Liquidity.  And on and on.   Fantasy, LAX, Noir, Flight, Aurora.   OK, we get it.  You’re so cool.  No truth to the rumor that the Criss Angel show will now be referred to as just Lame but maybe there should be.

Sad to say but Las Vegas is looking pretty rough around the edges.  Oh, it is still shiny and pretty most everywhere you look but, if you look just off the beaten track, things are not good.  The streets, the buildings and the people are looking pretty tired and you can tell that things are not going well.  The economy is really hurting a lot of people out there.   Some of them did it to themselves but a lot of them are (more or less) innocent bystanders who got hit hard.  Everyone you see who is working looks nervous and I can understand why.  I’m sure that things will bounce back at some point but what will have been lost in the interim?  Once a person or a business or a dream is gone, it isn’t going to be back.   The reality is that one day Vegas will just be another strange, abandoned place that future generations will look back on and try to understand.  I honestly hope that I don’t live to see that day.

Well, that is enough thoughts for now.  Maybe more later.


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All But Over

Posted by jrswift on November 4, 2008

Well, if things continue as projected, you have a new President and his name is Barack Obama.  There is now a consensus that Ohio will go for the Democrats.  I can see no scenario that gives McCain the Presidency if he loses Ohio.  The low end for Obama is now probably 338-200 and he may do slightly better than that.  Since I predicted a range of 350-400 for Obama, I may still get it right.  That probably depends on Obama taking Missouri and they may still be counting there tomorrow morning.   The weak showing for alternative party candidates also indicate that Obama is probably going to exceed 50% of the vote and likely will have the best showing by a Democrat since Lyndon Johnson in 1964.  My curious observation for this posting is that, for the moment, Obama leads in the raw vote totals in Nebraska.  He won’t win it but that is not a good number for Republicans.

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I am way too connected right now

Posted by jrswift on September 24, 2008

So this is pretty ridiculous but I’m texting, listening to a netcast, on IRC, 4 instant messenger clients, have my email client open, am signed into Windows Live Mail, just twittered and am sort of watching TV.  I guess if I turn on the radio and make a phone call, I might just explode!  Oh and I just checked Myspace and will probably go to Facebook next.  Oh well…that’s all I’ve got.  Oh…and I guess I just blogged too!  LOL

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Monday’s suck

Posted by jrswift on September 22, 2008

Yeah, that’s not much of a topic because it isn’t like anyone is going to disagree unless it is one of their days off.  But today was just a special bonus bad day with a whole bunch of little silly things going wrong from morning until evening.  And, of course, I was tired.  I always end up staying up (sometimes out) too late on Saturday so that means I lay around all day on Sunday and sleep too much.  That, in turn, means that I can never go to sleep Sunday night and that, in turn, means I’m tired on Monday.  At least I got to watch some fresh Monday night entertainment tonight which is a good thing.  And I can’t really complain much about the weekend.  I had a good one and all of my favorite sports teams did well.  The Jayhawks won their football game though it wasn’t pretty.  The Cubs clinched their division and a spot in the playoffs and the Cowboys won for the first time ever in Green Bay and remain undefeated.  So maybe I’m not that unhappy.  Maybe I’m just lazy.  Yeah, I probably am…and that’s why I’m going to end this blog entry now.  More later…maybe.

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Day Off

Posted by jrswift on August 20, 2008

After working 9 of the last 10 days, I’m off 3 of the next 4 and one of them is tomorrow.  Not only am I off but I get paid and this is an extra large paycheck so I plan to enjoy myself this weekend.  Have been living on the frugal side for the better part of the last week so it will be nice to have some money.  Am multitasking tonight as I’m listening to the Linux Link Tech Show on a live stream and trying to keep an eye on the TV so I don’t miss the 200 meter race where the guy from Jamaica broke the World Record.  And I just vacuumed for a few minutes too.  Done eating so now I’ll just lay around and kill time until bed.  Probably get up early so I can get a few things done around the house and that will also keep me on an early-rising schedule since I have to get up Friday morning.  Besides, one of the PBS channels runs nothing but cooking shows early in the morning.  Anyway, perhaps I’ll have something more interesting to talk about tomorrow but not tonight.

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Frozen Pizza

Posted by jrswift on August 19, 2008

And so it was that I prepared for frozen pizza again.  Not much cash today but, no problem, there is always Totinos, the king of “poverty pizza.”  Actually it is pretty good in an icky sort of way.  I’m not fond of the saltine cracker crust as I prefer something a bit thicker and bread-like.  Nonetheless, two of these babies at $2.50 makes a very filling dinner and are a great deal.  What cheese is present actually tastes pretty good and the meat is, well, it is meat-like at least.

I’ve mentioned my love for frozen pizza before so maybe I’ll do a short review of some of my favorites.  I used to be strictly a Red Baron guy and I still enjoy their pizza but not as much as a few years back.  They seem to have started cutting corners and the cheese in particular is not as good.  I think that the DiGiorno is probably my favorite but it quite pricey and is hard to polish off in a single setting.  The DiGiorno Ultimate is probably the very best frozen pizza I’ve tried but it is rarely less than $6 so I don’t buy it much.  Tony’s or Jack’s make good compromise pies, neither painfully “awful” like Totinos or Genos but not great like the expensive brands.  They are a very good choice when they go on sale for $2 or less which happens pretty frequently around here.  Both have good cheese and toppings (particularly Jack’s) and Tony’s has a nice crust.  Tombstone used to be a distant second or third to Red Baron but I’ve come to enjoy their Pepperoni quite a bit.  It (along with Red Baron) is a good deal if you can get it for $3-4 and that is fairly common.  Freschetta is pretty close to DiGiorno when it comes to higher end stuff but I find it dough-ier so I tend to lean the other way.

As to toppings, I enjoy the Pepperoni, Sausage or Hamburger and often a meat or multi-cheese combination.  Contrary to popular belief, I don’t hate all vegetables but the ones most commonly scattered on a pizza like green peppers, onions, mushrooms and olives are near the bottom of my veggie list so I stick to the meat and cheese.  So there you have it.  My thoughts on frozen pizza.  I think I’m going to go eat one (or two) now.

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Posted by jrswift on August 18, 2008

I used to really like television but I’m not so sure anymore.  I don’t watch a lot of it but it is usually on in the background when I’m home in the evening.  I don’t have cable (and, based on what I’ve seen recently, I’m not missing much) so I end up watching a lot of weird things.  I’ve expressed my obsession with cooking shows but I watch other bizarre things and I sometimes wonder if I’m the only one who is in the viewing audience.  Reruns of King of Queens, Family Guy, Two and a Half Men and Unhappily Ever After are the normal things.  The weird things are the strange little shows on PBS and Ion TV.  They have a couple of shows on there that are just odd.  Girls Gone Fishing which is basically a couple of pretty cute girls who (ta da) go fishing.  There is absolutely no reason to be watching this.  But I do.  Worse yet is Get Out which features usually three very hot girls in bikinis who have adventures doing crazy wild things like sky dive and feed monkeys.  And I watch it.  And you think you’ve got problems.  Oh well…I’m going to go watch some TV now.

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Sunday thoughts

Posted by jrswift on August 17, 2008

So, yeah, today was a lot like I expected and I got to meet exactly the sort of people I had hoped I wouldn’t.  That being said, I actually got a lot done and it was a pretty productive day and one less day I have to work this week.

So I’ve actually been watching the Olympics this year (and I guess I’m not the only one) and I haven’t really watched them much at all the last few times around.  Maybe it is just that there are more compelling storylines but I’m not sure.  I have actually caught myself standing and cheering a few times and being genuinely entertained so I guess part of it has simply been that the events have been competitive and fun to watch.  Too often sports aren’t as much fun as they should be.  All the “feel good” stories and exciting performances seem to end in some kind of disgrace or scandal.  Let’s just hope this one doesn’t.  I’m not usually an optimist but I don’t think it will.

So my birthday is less than 3 weeks away and I’ll be 45.  That sounds much older than 44 for some reason and I’m not all that thrilled with it.  And just two days ago, I completed 20 years of service at my job and I’ve thought about that a lot.  Very few people do anything for 20 years anymore and so I guess it is somewhat of an accomplishment.  Oddly enough, those years have seemed to fly by but I suppose that is life.  I can’t honestly say I regret having done what I’ve done but it does make you wonder about the road not taken.  I guess I have taken the “road less travelled” but I don’t really think that makes me better, just different.

So I’ve started every paragraph with “so” and I’ll do the same with this last one.  I am making a concerted effort to blog daily and this posting is a part of that.  I just don’t think I’m a very good blogger.  I always try to say too much or try to be just a little too clever.  And, given other blogs that I read, I try to be far too original.  Most postings seem to just point at something else that someone else has written and then make a smartass remark about it.  Oh well…I yam what I yam.

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Back to School

Posted by jrswift on August 16, 2008

No, I’m not going back to school.  Those days are long gone.  But it is that time and it is mixed blessing.  Working in the retail world, back to school means a lot of extra work and customers.  It is like a Christmas rush since most of the college students come back over a few days and half of them seem to stop in.  Thanks to their reappearance I get to work tomorrow (Sunday) instead of enjoying the rest of my weekend.  Worse yet, the “occasional shopper” tends to be richer, more impatient and just generally high maintenance.  They are often clueless about where anything is located and they often travel in packs, whether they need to or not, creating needless crowding.  Some are nice and understand that it is a busy time and there is simply not time to babysit them.  Others seem to think they are the only people on earth and insist on occupying your time and asking endless questions.  Now I don’t mind helping people.  That is a big part of my job.  But if you expect expert assistance, you might want to come in when it is  not wall-to-wall humanity.  I guess I could rant about our culture of entitlement and how the young are the worst at expecting everything for nothing and I guess I just did.  If you really require “hand-holding” to do your shopping, you should expect to pay for it, not go to a big box store where everything is cheap and there simply isn’t the staffing to do that.  But that isn’t how people think.  They want it all and they want it now.  Oh well.

On a positive note, back to school means all the little “rug rats” have to spend their days in cramped little classrooms instead of running around making a mess.  Ahhh, how I long for year-round boarding school!  And, of course, some of those college students are not bad to look at though, at my age, I’m starting to find the mothers more interesting than the daughters.  If only they could learn how to drive (or better yet not drive) in this town, they would be a lot more appealing.

Oh well, I’ll survive.  I’ve done this for 20 years and starting my 21st year tomorrow means a raise and extra pay for doing my thing on Sunday.  Wish me luck…or, better yet, patience.

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Top 10 Guilty Pleasures

Posted by jrswift on August 10, 2008

So this idea just popped into my head. Thought I’d think about all the things I like that I probably shouldn’t. I guess I’ll make it into a Top 10 because, frankly, I’ve got about a hundred guilty pleasures that I could throw in here.

1. Cheap Beer – So this is kind of a new one. In the last year or two, I’ve become a guy who drinks beer. I used to go for the cocktail thing but, lately, I’ve leaned towards the suds. And I’m far from a “beer snob” as I’ve discovered I’ll pretty much drink anything. I usually stick to something slightly classy (if you call Budweiser classy) when I go out but pretty much anything goes when I pick something up for my home consumption. Been picking up 12-packs of “the Beast” lately at the local grocery store and it pretty much does the job. Let’s be honest. I’m just looking for a cool beverage and a little buzz and if I can do it for 25 cents a can, all the better.

2. Bad Girls – Yeah, this one is probably pretty common but that doesn’t make it right. Give me a girl who’s made a sex tape or gone to jail or rehab and I’m probably going to think she’s hot. Paris, Britney, Lindsey…got to love ’em all. I’ve become rather obsessed with Kim Kardashian lately and she’s obviously not a “nun in training.” I have to say that I find “nice girls” pretty uninteresting, even if they have plenty of wonderful personal qualities. Probably why I’m still single.

3. Frozen Pizza – I have to confess that I eat frozen pizza at least 3 times a week and I have for many years. Partly it is because I am terribly lazy and all I have to do is throw it in the oven and enjoy the cheesy goodness 10 or 15 minutes later. But I actually like it. And I’ve eaten them all. I could write a blog just on the many variations of frozen pizza out there (and I might) and the various pros and cons of each. Oh yeah…and it’s cheap. Hmmm…seems to be a trend here.

4. Las Vegas – This one is pretty obvious if you’ve read any of the rest of my blogs but that doesn’t make it any less real. Good Lord…I’ve visited Vegas fifteen times. I don’t even know if I’ve visited my family that many times in the same time frame. I think I’ve figured out that I have slept in the state of Nevada something like 75 nights in the last 10 odd years. And it isn’t like I really do anything all that interesting when I’m there. I really need a hobby.

5. Cooking shows – OK…I can’t really explain this. I’ll pretty much watch any program where people are cooking. I’ve been that way since I was a little kid when I used to watch the French Chef and the Galloping Gourmet. And I don’t really cook. At least not very often. I just find them fascinating and I probably always will.

6. Naps – So I’ve gotten to the point where I can pretty much sleep anywhere or anytime and, when the opportunity presents itself, I do. In fact, I don’t so much sleep normally anymore. I just take a series of naps. It has totally messed up any sort of normal sleep schedule and I can’t recommend that anyone else take up this practice. It is at its worse on the weekends and it makes Monday an even longer day than usual.

7. Abusing my computer – No, I don’t go around striking it with a hammer or subjecting it to any sort of physical abuse. I just can’t leave well enough alone. I’m constantly tweaking settings and reinstalling things and changing operating systems and it just can’t be all that good for the poor thing. I’ll probably get a new system next year and, if this one survives until then, it will have been some sort of miracle.

8. Podcasts – Honestly, I can sit around and listen to people babble on about things for hours and hours, particularly if it something I am interested in. Talk radio is too full of idiots and I mostly want to slap them. But, on the internet, I can pick and choose what I want to listen to and avoid the idiots. So I do. Probably listen to 10-12 hours a week of podcasts and it keeps getting worse.

9. Neglect – I have a remarkable ability (dis-ability) to ignore things. I don’t clean enough. I don’t fix things that break. I even neglect people that I should spend more time with than I do. Then, when I finally do get around to doing what I should have been doing all along, it is always harder and more involved than it needs to be. I really need to work on this one.

10. Making lists – Somehow I feel like I am accomplishing something if I write down a list. See, I’m doing it again. But really, it is just a way to waste time and I’m very good at that. And, worse yet, I often don’t even get around to finishing them. Oh well, at least I finished this one. 🙂

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